Do Cockroaches Bite? Symptoms And Prevention

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Cockroaches are easily among the most hated pests in US households. Not only are they an unpleasant sight, but they carry pathogens that cause diseases. Most people think that roaches only contaminate their food, but they can also bite. A cockroach bite is not one to be ignored. It should be addressed and treated timely to prevent health concerns.

Cockroaches do not bite humans to suck their blood like mosquitoes or leeches do. They bite you around your lips, mouth, hands, and feet, where they can find some food residue. Their bites may cause minor swelling, irritation, and wound infections. However, they are unlikely to bite aggressively. Call Green Pest Services for professional help.

Do cockroaches bite?

Yes. Cockroaches bite humans, and it is possible to get bitten by them. However, among the thousands of species of cockroaches, only the … Read the rest